Learning Chinese? Here are 15 entertaining YouTube channels you should follow

Chinese Oct 05, 2020

If you want to improve your Chinese language skills in a quick and easy way, then YouTube is your friend. There are literally thousands of helpful Chinese YouTube channels out there for you to discover, but below are some great ones to start with if you are ready to amp up your adventure!

Why is learning Chinese through YouTube useful?

It’s completely free

Learning Chinese on YouTube is completely free, and there are a great number of videos of high quality on YouTube that will provide some value to your Mandarin learning.

Enhance listening – speaking skills

Needless to say, watching videos will help you practice listening to Chinese at native people’s speed of speaking, tones and accents. You also get to see how Chinese people compound words and sentences or do body language, which will season your Chinese speaking skills.

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Rich in real-life topics

Every Youtuber is a storyteller. On Youtube, you can find all kinds of content in Chinese, the possibilities are endless. This makes learning so much more real, informative, and exciting than reading textbooks only.

Top 16 YouTube Channels For Learning Chinese


TED and TEDx may be quite familiar with you. TEDx is an international community that organizes TED-style events anywhere and everywhere - celebrating locally-driven ideas and elevating them to a global stage.

To practice your Chinese, one of the very first YouTube Channels I'd like to introduce is TEDxTaipei. TEDxTaipei has been having awesome Taiwanese speakers presenting inspirational and brilliant stories since 2009.


我们的岛 (Our Island) is a Taiwanese nature channel that focuses on the geography, culture, and wildlife of Taiwan. All videos are subtitled in traditional Chinese so it's easy for you to practice your listening skills and learn new vocabulary.

那些電影教我的事 Lessons from Movies

那些電影教我的事 Lessons from Movies is an cool YouTube channel that discuss lessons instropected through famous movies. Videos has subtitles (CC) in Mandarin.

MaoMao TV

This is the one I regularly watch, MaoMaoTV. She talks about life in Japan and often goes out with friends to take videos of things to see around Japan. The Youtuber speaks quite quickly and naturally, and the best part is that she provides CC in Chinese for almost all videos!

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Kevin in Shanghai

Kevin is not a native speaker, but his Chinese is perfect. His videos speak about his experience after living in China for 10 years, something you expect a non-native YouTuber to talk about, like comparison between childhood in China and in Western countries, or "What the West think of China". If you love this kind of content, you'd definitely love Kevin!


這群人 (zhè qún rén), aka “This Group Of People”, has some incredibly funny comedies for you to binge-watch. Watching their channel, you would see yourself laughing about all different but very common scenario in life, such as going to the breakfast store or dealing with a phone scam. They don't have CC (closed captions) but Chinese subtitles are engraved in all videos.

Fragrant Mandarin 香橘子

Ella & Scott from the streets of Yangshuo, China will teach you all the essential things about Chinese language, from basic consonants, common idioms, to what to say when visiting local markets. Get ready to immerse in Chinese!


A channel where you can find cut clips from famouse C-dramas and movies. Not all of them have Chinese subtitles, but it's a great channel if you just like to watch and learn from short movie clips in random orders without committing to a whole series!


William isn’t a native Mandarin speaker (it appears he’s from the United Kingdom) but his Chinese skills are admirable! Like other Western YouTubers, William makes entertaining videos about life of a foreigner in China.

Sometimes he speaks English, but a majority of his videos are in Mandarin. If you’re interested in knowing what it’s like being a foreigner in China, he’s definitely worth watching.


Lim is a Chinese native living abroad in Japan. He is swaggy-looking YouTuber famous for catchy songs that receive millions of views on YouTube. Namewee is a great YouTuber to check out if you are a music lover or simply likes Namewee's style. 😎

Krysti Naaa

Krysti Naaa is a fairly popular Mandarin-speaking YouTuber who is currently living in Boston, U.S. Like other lifestyle YouTubers, Krysti makes videos about travelling, product reviews or fashion. She definitely has a style and knows how to make videos creative even when they are just about her daily life. However, as she speaks Mandarin quite fast and doesn't provide subtitles, her channel may be more suitable for advanced Chinese learners.

Jared – 杰里德Jared

Like Kevin in Shanghai’s, Jared loves sharing about differences between living in Canada (and Western world in general) and China as well as his experience of living in China as foreigner.

Jared's videos, however, are a bit more casual than Kevin. He doesn't share much about Chinese vowels or HSK tests, so if you find that essential, maybe look elsewhere. But if you love the casual, daily-life vlogging style with a bit of fun, Jared's channel is worth a watch.

小高姐 – 小高姐的 Magic Ingredients

In this cooking series, a girl named Xiao Gaojie shows fellow Youtubers how to make authentic Chinese and Western food using only Mandarin Chinese. You can find both savory and sweet recipes on her channel. You have to admit that her videos are super pleasing to the eyes, although the processes do seem easier than they actually are!

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Lost in Translation – LIT 我的海漂时代

However, what makes this channel slightly different is that the most of the videos are catered towards both native born Chinese people and American Born Chinese people (otherwise referred to as ABCs). So not only are you learning the language as you’re watching the videos, you’re also developing a better understanding of Chinese culture as a whole.

Xiaoyu – Victorianme

A longtime member of the lolita fashion community, Youtuber and native Chinese speaker, Xiaoyu showcases her love and passion towards lolita fashion by reviewing various dresses and accessories in Mandarin Chinese. It's interesting to learn fashion terms in Chinese and follow Xiaoyu as she introduces us to the world of street fashion and unique styles like lolita.

So that wraps up our list of 15 YouTube channels for learning Chinese. Now it's time you chose your favorite ones and started immersing in Chinese.  Remember to download GlotDojo eXtension to make your learning more effective and fun!

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