Premium Chinese Add-on helps you look up words in our advanced Chinese dictionaries easily with extra details and precision, making learning this beautiful language more efficient and easier than ever.

After installing Chinese Premium Add-on, you can start looking up words in the dictionaries. When you look up a word, an advanced pop-up will appears.

This pop-up is exclusive to the Premium Add-on only and is different from the basic pop-up. It is designed to gives you all information you needed to enrich your Chinese vocabulary.

Advanced Pop-up menu

(1) Pronunciation and the word you looked up in Mandarin (simplified) and Cantonese (traditional) Chinese (if available). If it's a compound word, the 1st Chinese character will be displayed here.
(2) Pinyin
(3) Translation
(4) Pin and move pop-up on screen
(5) Settings
(6) HSK level rating (HSK is the Professional Chinese Test for non-native Chinese speakers. 6 is the highest level.)
(7) Popularity ranking of that word.  Smaller rank indicates more popular word.
(8) Switch between Chinese - English and other Chinese dictionary you have downloaded.)
(9) Pop-up menu: Dictionary, Characters, Stroke guide, Etymology, Examination and Grammars.