What is "Dictionaries"?

Extension Settings Oct 20, 2020

Dictionaries is where you manage advanced dictionaries, the most important part of Premium Add-ons. Here you can download, delete or bulk delete all the advanced dictionaries coming with the Add-on you purchased.

Currently, GlotDojo supports 2 languages ​​with advanced dictionaries - Chinese and Japanese.

Steps to download

Step 1: Open Settings >> select Dictionary.

Step 2: Select the language you purchase Premium Add-on for (Chinese or Japanese)

Step 3: Download Chinese - English or Japanese - English dictionary first (these dictionaries are required before download other dictionaries)

Step 4: Download Chinese or Japanese dictionary for other languages (if available)

How to look up Chinese or Japanese words with the Premium Add-on

As Chinese and Japanese are the language of compound words, GlotDojo will automatically look up those compound words.

To look up in the advanced dictionaries, you can use the Scanning function.

Method 1- Use middle mouse

Click and hold the middle mouse button (the red button in the image below),while hover over the desired word to look up in advanced dictionaries.

Method 2- Use Hot Keys

Press and hold the Shift key while hover over the desired word to look up in advanced dictionaries.

You can read more about Scanning and other Scanning options here:

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