Premium Japanese Add-on helps you look up words in our advanced Japanese dictionaries easily with extra details and precision.

After installing Japanese Premium Add-on, you can start looking up words in the dictionaries. When you look up a word, an advanced pop-up will appears.

(1) Phonetic translation
(2) The word you looked up and its alternative writing
(3) Kanji tab
(4) Open the EXAMPLES tab
(5) Open the French Language Tab
(6) Definitions
(7) Pin and move pop-up around on the screen
(8) Open the GlotDojonSettings
(9) Popularity and JLPT ranking

  • [P]: Popularity level of words
  • [N]: Japanese vocabulary JLPT-ranking, classified as N1, N2, N3, N4, N5. The vocabulary in N1 Japanese will be large in volume, complicated, and accompanied with a large amount of related grammar topics.

(10) Listen to the pronunciation
(11) Switch to translated Japanese dictionary (the translated one will serve the purpose of helping you understand the original dictionary only and is not an optimized version for your own language.)
(12) Images & GIF of the word.