Pop-up is the core of GlotDojo. When you translate words on webpages or video-based sites, the pop-up will appears. It helps you look up words' meaning in 70+ languages, see pronunciation,  images, definition and popularity of each meaning, part of speech and more.


This post is about the basic pop-up that come as default with GlotDojo. The advanced pop-up that comes with Premium Chinese/Japanese Add-on will be explained separately here (for Chinese) and here (for Japanese).

Pop-up breakdown

To open pop-up, you will need to look up words first. If you don't know how to, here's a guide.

Pop-up General

1- WPA (Word - Phonetics- Audio) The word that you look up, with phonetics beneath and audio for pronunciation.

2- Pin: Pin Pop-up and move the pop-up around on the screen

3- GlotDojo Settings: change & edit all settings

4- Advanced Translation: for plain translation with Google or Microsoft

5- Language pair: quickly change to another pair source language and translation language to look up words.

(5a) Available language pairs.
(5b) Create & edit language pairs.

What is a Language pair and how to create one

6- IMAGE: view still images and GIF of words with built-in image search.

7- Referencing sources to help you understand more about a word: Google Translate, Google Search, Wikipedia.

8- The definition, including:

  • Definition of words
  • Part of speech
  • Synonyms with similar meanings

9- Frequency: Indicates how often a translation appears in Google search.

10- Save words for review: This feature is coming soon.