Activated Websites

"Activated Websites" (1) is the list of websites that are applying a certain Preset. You can add/clear any website from the list (2).

For example: You add the page “” to Preset A. From then on, every time you visit the, the Preset A is automatically activated on that page.

How to apply a Preset to a given website

Step 1- From the Setting, open Preset List (1) >> Select a Preset (the "New Preset" here, for example) (2) >> Select Activated Websites (3) >> Add new (4)

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Step 2 - Enter the link of the Web page (For example: (5) >> Add (6)

Step 3- The website ( has been added to Activated Websites of the selected Preset (New Preset). From then on, the New Preset' settings will automatically be activated on whenever you access the site.